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— Dr. Matthew Barden —

I am a believer, a son and a brother. I love to sing, play piano and drums and will often be caught whistling while I work; a lesson Disney taught me from a young age. I’m an avid sports enthusiast; enjoying cycling, golf, snowboarding and swimming on a regular basis.  There are many passions that God has placed on my heart; one of the most prominent being chiropractic.

My chiropractic journey started in my first year at Redeemer University in Ancaster. I had sustained a major concussion while snowboarding the previous year and was under the impression that everything had healed when my neurological symptoms had subsided. However, lingering low back pain persisted as I moved away for University. I could still go about my daily activities until one morning I woke up with debilitating pain that I couldn’t get out of bed, something no healthy young man should be experiencing.

It was at this point that my mom suggested that I go see a chiropractor. I had never visited a chiropractor before and the extent of my knowledge was that they “cracked” backs. Immediately upon walking into the office, I knew I was in the right place. Their wholistic, wellness approach to health care was something I instantly connected with. After only two adjustments I was seeing significant relief of my lower back pain; but not only that, I was seeing improvements in other areas as well. I had also been suffering from migraines for years and started seeing a reduction in frequency and intensity through chiropractic care. I had never thought that chiropractic adjustments could help with headaches as well. After seeing the healing that chiropractic had done in my life in such a short period of time, I knew I wanted to help others experience the same life change and that this was my calling.

From that day forward, my life became refocussed on the goal of becoming a chiropractor. I changed degrees at Redeemer from teaching to kinesiology and never looked back. After graduating University, I worked at an orthotic lab for a year as I decided which chiropractic school was going to be the best fit for me. After much deliberation, I chose Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. My 4 years at CMCC were some of the hardest but also some of the most rewarding of my life, allowing me to fully realize my dream of becoming a chiropractor.

I am so excited to serve the Oakville community in a big way, along with the amazing team here at North Ridge Family Chiropractic! I want to help you and your family live your lives to their full potential through chiropractic care the same way I experienced it years ago and continue to experience it today!