Starting Care

Your first adjustment!

The chiropractic adjustment is very specific and gentle in order to remove pressure on your nerves and rebalance your body structure. At the moment that the Doctor corrects your spinal misalignment, hundreds of bodily functions and activities are affected! The flow of nerve impulses over the spinal cord and spinal nerves is normalized and your body begins the process of healing by renewing and rebuilding itself.

After a spinal adjustment you may experience a feeling of deepening peace and relaxation, warm sensations flowing to various parts of the body that are very soothing, more energy, and instant or gradual symptom relief. A small minority may feel mild discomfort or muscle soreness as the bones, ligaments and muscles begin to re-align. Your body will start to feel different as your nerves begin to send healing messages to your body, making the flow of energy down your spinal cord much easier.

Always remember that the true benefits of the chiropractic adjustment are usually found internally, within the body, below the level of consciousness. It is when the nerve communication to the heart, lungs, skin, eyes, ears, joints and the brain itself are improved that the true benefits of chiropractic care are experienced.

No matter what condition you are in presently, everyone can benefit from a healthy spine! Spinal health improves your quality of life and overall health because without a healthy spine, there is no way that your body can ever live fully alive.

Subsequent visits

We value your time – so every visit in our office is designed for people who are busy. We go to great lengths to ensure that you never have to wait and that the appointment time you choose it the time you get. Regular chiropractic adjustments themselves only require a few minutes because the healing in your body actually happens between your visits – after your adjustment. The Doctor practices highly specific and extremely gentle techniques so that your body is allowed to repair itself at it’s own pace through a gradual and natural process.

We want you to know that we don’t ever want you to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed during your visits to our office. We take all measures to explain absolutely everything we do before we ever do it. Our goal is to have all your questions answered before you even ask us. If you have a special need regarding your first, second or subsequent visits, just call us at (905) 845-5777 and consider it done!

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