“As a health care professional, I was always skeptical of chiropractic treatment, never understanding the science of it. Unfortunately I had suffered a neck injury while resistance training and endured excruciating acute then debilitating chronic pain. I had seen sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists, massage therapists and taken countless pain mediations. As a last resort I contacted North Ridge Family Chiropractic. They thoroughly explained my injury and the treatment they would use to rehabilitate me. After one adjustment I felt mild relief, after two I was able to sleep a full night – FINALLY. I am now managed by monthly visits. I have resumed my normal activities, marathon running, weight lifting, and taking care of my 5 young children. Chiropractic treatment has given me my life back and given my family their wife and mom back.”

Mother of Five

“When I first came to North Ridge Family Chiropractic I was experiencing a lot of back and shoulder pain. While under care at this office I have noticed changes in my quality of life and ability to function and perform. I am learning to deal with daily stresses and to listen to my body. I am much more peaceful overall. I find myself automatically stopping to stretch and relax my neck and shoulder at different points throughout the day. The approach here is calming, attentive and helpful. It is a lifestyle support.”

Active Grandmother



“Our 4 week old daughter had been crying constantly for 3 weeks straight. Her eyes had a constant look of distress in them. It did not seem to matter what we did, she just wouldn’t stop crying! Our medical doctor told us it was most likely colic and there was not much we could do about it. We hadn’t slept much in days and we were at our wits end when a friend told us about North Ridge Family Chiropractic. With no where else to turn, we decided to give chiropractic a try. They were very gentle and did a thorough assessment. After our daughter’s first adjustment she stopped crying for 2 hours! (Something we had not seen in weeks). As our baby continued to be adjusted she was like a different child; happy, smiling and relaxed. I can’t imagine what it would have been like had we never gone to see a chiropractor. Thanks for your expertise and compassion North Ridge Family Chiropractic!”

Happy parents

“My 4 year old son had been suffering from headaches for about 1 year. They were debilitating, requiring him to miss school many times. He had gone through all the tests including CT scans and MRI’s without any answers. Finally we came to North Ridge Family Chiropractic for an assessment. After he started getting adjusted, my son’s headache frequency reduced dramatically. North Ridge Family Chiropractic helped our son get ┬áhis life back and now, 2 years later he rarely gets a headache. I am very glad that we tried chiropractic!”

Mother of Three